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You are getting access 1 day early 🎉 Did we mention that we love you? Thank you for helping us pass 82,000 5-star reviews
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Sleep Masks
Just Added
Sleep Masks
Just Added
Blissy Black Friday Early Access

Hi Fam, the day is here…

Let me start off by saying Happy Thanksgiving!

I know that tomorrow is Friday but I think it's a bit more meaningful for us to start on the day of being thankful and giving.

I want to start by saying a million thanks to you for being the reason we are where we are. We love each and every one of you unconditionally. It's special people like you who have helped make Blissy so wildly successful. The ones who got us to 82,000+ five-star reviews! 

So to thank you, we're giving you 60% off everything with code BLISSYBFCMVIP.

This is the perfect time to get all your Christmas goodies! 

The regular sale on the site will be 50% off, but since you're family, you'll be getting more!  🙏

Here are the things we're hearing over and over again from our customers about how Blissy has changed their lives: 

  • Improved Sleep: ultimate softness & comfort plus staying cool at night
  • Awesome Hair: shinier, more manageable hair with reduced frizz & breakage
  • Better Skin: improved texture and reduced irritation
  • Voted Best Gift Giver: everyone loves receiving a Blissy gift! 

We believe our customers when they tell us they experience better sleep, hair, and skin with Blissy. So help us spread the word!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you for being you! 


6O% On All Blissy Products
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