5 foods that help a stuffy nose

Plus the decongestant that makes your feet smell like hot dogs
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 Zero-Hassle Returns

You know the feeling…
Your nose is backed up like 5:00pm traffic, and your head throbs from all the pressure.
Nasal congestion is brutal, right?
OTC's can sometimes help, but studies show most can make things worse in the long run.
Thankfully, there are a handful of foods that can naturally clear things out so you can get back to feeling your best.
5 Foods That Are Natural Decongestants
1. Jalapeños
Capsaicin, a chemical found in spicy peppers, is what causes that "jalapeños burn."
If you can stand the heat, capsaicin will irritate your sinuses and soften nasal blockages.
2. Mustard
This one's a bit weird, but if you add mustard powder to a footbath, not only will your feet smell like hot dogs…
It'll increase circulation to your legs, reducing the amount of blood (and pressure) sent to your nose.
3. Ginger
Ginger's health power has long been used to help clear a clogged nose.
If you don't mind the strong flavor profile, you can boil 2 cups of water with ginger pieces and drink it as a tea.
4. Radishes
The taste may be big and spicy, but radishes are rich in antioxidants that help loosen congestion.
5. Onions
For centuries, drinking onion juice has been a popular home remedy...
That's because the sulfuric compounds in onions act as a natural expectorant.
But seriously onion juice?! No thank you :)
If most foods above don't sound appetizing, I have good (albeit surprising) news.
When it comes to nose congestion, one of the best strategies is to help your body produce MORE mucus...
Why MORE Mucus Helps You Stay Healthy
If you associate mucus with a giant box of tissues, you're certainly not alone…
But mucus is actually one of your body's most important resources!
Your mucosa (aka: mucus barrier) plays a vital role in the body.
Think of is like a club bouncer for your gut –
It makes sure essential, VIP nutrients can get from your gut to your bloodstream…
While keeping congestion baddies (toxins and bacteria) out of places they don't belong.
But if things like stress or poor dietary choices weaken your mucosa…
The toxins that are normally kept from causing harm are able to overrun your gut lining...
And gain access to your blood where they can disrupt every organ in your body.
That's why a healthy mucosa = a healthy you!
And the good news is:
With the right help, you can keep this crucial health asset safe.
It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's A Mucus Superhero!
A strong mucosa requires a steady supply of one specialized protein.
Think of Mucin 2 like a "mucus superhero" –
It gives your mucus its thick, gel-like consistency, so it can shield your gut and help you stay protected.
Unfortunately, thanks to our modern, toxic world…
It's really difficult to get enough Mucin 2 from diet alone.
That's why I formulated Just Thrive Gut 4-tify.
It delivers 4 clinically proven, highly absorbable amino acids that help with natural Mucin 2 production.
These proteins are used by your mucosa like a "cement" to address damage and thicken your mucosal barrier...
Keeping you healthy and happy when congestion tries to take you down.
Learn More About Gut-4tify HERE
With gratitude,
Tina Anderson
Just Thrive | Founder
P.S. The world is full of threats that weaken your protective mucosa, making Gut 4-tify crucial:
  • During times of high stress
  • If you've taken antibiotics or NSAIDs
  • After an evening of alcohol indulgence
  • If you struggle with gas, bloat, constipation or diarrhea
And with our money back guarantee, you risk nothing giving Gut 4-tify a test drive today…  
vitamin k2-7 plus d3
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