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Four Lenses, Two Photo Series, One System
Four Lenses, Two Photo Series, One System
The Neptune Convertible Art Lens System is a lightweight Art Lens System with three interchangeable prime lenses. The only tool you need in your camera bag, this lens system will help you achieve countless experimental styles with ease. We asked Vienna-based photographer Dhan Limwattana to test it out for us, as well as the Naiad 15 mm Front Lens, and he was really impressed by the results. Read on to find out how he got on!
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"The three lenses from the Neptune system were very lightweight and compact and I could take them practically anywhere"
—Dhan Limwattana
Four Lenses, Two Photo Series, One System
"So my all-time favorite has become the portrait shots because the lens is super sharp and allows for perspectives that you can't get with standard focal lengths."
—Dhan Limwattana
Wider Than Ever Before
Wider Than Ever Before
Getting almost as wide as the vision of the human eye, we added the extraordinary ultra-wide-angle Naiad 15 mm Neptune System Front Lens to give you a portal to an even more powerful perspective. With a closest focusing distance of just 1 cm and a whopping 135° field of view, this extraordinary art lens challenges you to rethink your compositional skills and see the world afresh.
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"I was also thoroughly impressed with the Naiad 15 mm, I took really great pictures with it and that ultra-wide angle view with the 135-degree field of view was really stunning."
—Dhan Limwattana
On the Go Creativity
On the Go Creativity
Proteus 80 mm, Despina 50 mm, Thalassa 35 mm. Three lenses, three focal lengths, one lens base! For use with your Canon EF or Nikon F mounts, the Neptune Lens Base allows you to push each lens past its maximum aperture for advanced experimentation. With six special aperture plates for delicate bokeh shapes, each lens can also be used with a macro adapter for detailed shots. Small, lightweight and portable, these lenses are great for travel and street photography, allowing you to switch between focal lengths and never miss a moment.
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Four Lenses, Two Photo Series, One System
We'd like to thank the following people for their photos: Dhan Limwattana & liongraphy
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