A year of pain—and resilience—in Ukraine

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The Weekly Roundup
9 Photos That Capture a Year of Pain—and Resilience—in Ukraine
By Sanya Mansoor and TIME Photo Department
TIME speaks to photojournalists on their work the past year—and the moments that have stayed with them.
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Why Americans Are Uniquely Afraid to Grow Old
By Jeffrey Kluger
Hint: It's not just fear of death.
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How Russian Misinformation Shaped Perceptions of the War in Ukraine
By Vera Bergengruen
Over the past year, Russia and its allies used a dizzying array of strategies to defend its actions and seed doubt about news from the ground.
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Elizabeth Banks Answers All Your Burning Questions About Cocaine Bear
By Megan McCluskey
Elizabeth Banks talks about the movie's star-studded cast, the right kind of gore, and defying expectations.
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How the World Changed in the Year Since Russia's Invasion of Ukraine
By Yasmeen Serhan
From NATO's revitalization to a renewed focus on Taiwan, TIME looks at what's different a year after the Kremlin attacked Ukraine.
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Column: What It Feels Like to Have 'Man on Fire' Syndrome
By Je Banach
I feel like I'm burning alive. It's hard for people to believe me, Je Banach writes.
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Exclusive: Inside a Controversial Startup’s Risky Attempt to Control Our Climate
By Alejandro de la Garza
Mexico threatened to ban geoengineering after Make Sunsets' attempt last year. Now, the company launched more balloons—this time in the U.S.
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No More Mr. Nice Boss
By Alana Semuels
Why flexible and emphatic bosses were a pandemic blip.
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Column: Mental Illness Made My First Year as a Mom Excruciating
By Eugenia Leigh
I'm just lucky it wasn't worse, writes Eugenia Leigh.
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To Understand Rudy Giuliani's Actions on Jan. 6, Look at a 1992 Police Riot in New York
By Philip Elliott
"If you wanted to see an early version of Jan. 6, 2021, go look at the footage of the police riot of 1992, City Hall, New York City," former Mayor Bill de Blasio says in a new TIME Studios documentary about Giuliani.
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