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Luther is back and this time, he's giving James Bond a run for his money

Luther fans rejoice: Idris Elba has dusted off that iconic overcoat and is stepping out once again as John Luther in the new feature-length film The Fallen Sun. This time, he's behind bars – until he learns of a sadistic serial killer (Andy Serkis) terrorising London. Cue the detective breaking out of prison to hunt him down… by any means necessary. The inimitable Luther keeps things as gritty and gruesome as ever – hence the film's much-deserved R rating (and hopefully a suicide trigger warning).

"If, like me, you quite fancied Elba as the next Bond, you're in luck: this epic continuation of the TV series is as close to 007 as writers can get without being sued," says Stylist's digital editor-at-large Kayleigh Dray. "Diehard fans will likely think it's better than Bond, because it's Luther on steroids. He still traverses London's grimiest streets, but he also dodges speeding trains and clambers up snow-covered mountains. He's still hunting down murderers, but the body count is higher than ever before. And he's still the shades-of-grey detective we know and love, but he's also a wanted criminal (by the always-excellent Cynthia Erivo). Yes, it will require you to suspend disbelief more than once and no, it absolutely isn't high cinema – but that doesn't mean that it's not unmissable stuff for Luther fans, with a nightmare of a twisted conspiracy for them to unravel." In cinemas now; on Netflix 10 March 

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The team behind Serial just dropped all episodes of a gripping new true crime podcast

When it comes to true crime podcasts, Serial undoubtedly set the blueprint, boasting 300 million downloads since its 2014 debut. Now, the producers are back with a new eight-part series, delving into the 1985 murder of 22-year-old Shelli Wiley in Laramie, Wyoming – and for those who love a binge, all episodes are available now. Following investigative journalist Kim Barker, who went to high school in the town at the time, The Coldest Case In Laramie sets out to uncover what really happened in the almost 40-year-old cold case.

"'A place of jagged edges and mean people' is how Barker matter-of-factly describes her hometown, which is both a fitting and chilling introduction to the bleak landscape on which the fast-paced, thoroughly addictive series is set," says Stylist Loves deputy editor Annie Simpson. "Despite the case remaining unsolved, it's swiftly revealed that the police made an unexpected arrest in 2016 – that of Fred Lamb, an ex-cop who lived a few doors down from Wiley at the time of her death. But with Lamb released the following year despite overwhelming evidence, Barker centres her investigation on discovering how a case that seemed so open-and-shut fell apart. Was it simply down to poor policing or a more sinister case of cops protecting their own? One thing's for sure – with its Serial association, The Coldest Case In Laramie will soon be at the top of the true crime podcast charts." Listen now on Apple Podcasts and Spotify

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