13 Inventors Who Ended Up Regretting Their Inventions

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This issue is about St. Patrick's Day, a dead jockey who won a race, Monty Python songs, inventors with regrets, and much more.

Before 'Shazam!' DC Tried Making Another Funny Superhero Movie. Unfortunately, It Was 'Green Lantern'

Today, DC's Shazam! Fury of the Gods opens, chronicling the further adventures of young Billy Batson, an everyday teen who has been given superpowers that transform him Big-style into an adult who looks like the dude from Chuck. When the original film came out in 2019, it was hailed as a breath of fresh air in the world of superhero cinema. Released just a few weeks before Marvel's Avengers: Endgame, the movie that concluded Marvel's shift to increasingly darker stories, Shazam! was more of a lark, with Zachary Levi appropriately silly and self-deprecating as the titular hero. Shazam isn't on the same level as other DC characters like Superman or Batman — he wasn't featured in 2017's all-star Justice League — and so the filmmakers wisely didn't take the property too seriously. Let Endgame and DC's Zack Snyder drape their universes in dour tones: Shazam! just wanted to have fun.


An Incredibly Exact Calculation of Precisely How Many People Throw Up on St. Patrick's Day

Most people who celebrate St. Patrick's Day have some kind of barfing story — they might be the barfer themselves, or have been an eyewitness to a particularly gross bit of barfing, or been privy to the knock-on effects of a big ol' barf (slipping in it, sitting in it, accidentally kicking over a cup full of it, etc., etc.).

But how many people end up regurgitating bright green beer on the festival of Ireland's patron saint? He emptied the Emerald Isle of snakes, but how many people's stomachs empty themselves of their contents in his honor? Let's do some math! 


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