Odd Trivia It Wouldn't Be Fair To Keep To Ourselves

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This issue is about the 'Office Space' printer, wild trivia, comedy news, and the best 'Simpsons' episode.

An IT Expert Explains What Was Wrong with the Printer from 'Office Space'

There are countless iconic moments in Office Space that perfectly capture the pent-up rage embedded in corporate cubicle culture, but arguably none is more relatable than the printer beatdown scene.

When Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston) reveals that he stole the office printer, he, Michael Bolton and Samir Nagheenanajar beat the shit out of the machine Goodfellas style with a baseball bat in a desolate field. Up until this point, the printer has plagued them with paper jams and the mysterious error code "PC Load Letter" — essentially, the printer had it coming.


15 Unreasonably Odd Bits Of Trivia It Wouldn't Be Fair Of Us To Keep To Ourselves

Hey there, world wide web vagabonds! Did you know that cows who stand more are more likely to lie down? Science spent cold hard cash trying to figure that one out! To make it worth their while, if you ever see a cow just standing there, give it a tender, gentle nudge and tell it to relax. On the other hand, scammers don't actually enjoy their money as much as honest people do. Maybe it's because they know deep down that their cash was earned through lies and deceit (and probably very weird and sexual eyebrow waggling), or maybe it's just karma catching up to them.


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