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The Weekly Roundup
In This Texas County, There’s No Such Thing as Moving on From COVID-19
By Alejandro De La Garza / Lamb County, Texas
Lamb County had one of the highest COVID-19 death rates in the nation. Amid tides of contradictory news and misinformation, many have little idea of who to blame.
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Gaslighting, Narcissist, and More Psychology Terms You’re Misusing
By Angela Haupt
Mental-health experts say we often use psychology terms incorrectly—and that's a problem.
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Louis DeJoy’s Surprising Second Act
By Eric Cortellessa
Initially cast as a Trumpian villain, the Postmaster General is quietly delivering for the Postal Service, and Democrats.
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Column: Angela Bassett's Face Said Everything
By Mikki Kendall
"You see her absorb in real time what was perhaps almost a foregone conclusion for a Black actress, even one at her level."
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Exclusive: Effective Altruist Leaders Were Repeatedly Warned About Sam Bankman-Fried
By Charlotte Alter
The red flags around Bankman-Fried were well known as early as 2018—and sources say the movement's brain trust downplayed the warnings and took his money anyway.
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Who Should Be on the 2023 TIME100?
Cast your vote for the people you think should be on our list of the most influential people of 2023.
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Let's Talk About Swarm's Deeply Ambiguous Ending(s)
By Judy Berman
If you've finished streaming Swarm, Donald Glover and Janine Nabers' Amazon horror comedy about a young pop stan, allow me to welcome you to the land of 'Huh?!'
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Unmasking the Man Behind One of Russia’s Most Popular Propaganda Channels
By Vera Bergengruen
A new report identifies the source of "War on Fakes" as a former Russian journalist who has worked with Kremlin-tied organizations
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Why 'Heartburn' Is Nora Ephron's Best Film
By Cady Lang
Ephron was a master of the rom-com, but her best work makes a convincing case for a breakup.
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Column: Doctors See the Wreckage of Gun Violence Every Day. We've Had Enough
By Dr. Joseph V. Sakran and Dr. Kimberly Davis
Working on the frontlines of gun violence is traumatizing, write Dr. Joseph V. Sakran and Dr. Kimberly Davis.
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