Victim at 15, survivor wants parents to know the signs of human trafficking

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March 8, 2023


A Supreme Court justice is under investigation, a survivor of human trafficking has a warning for Canadian parents, and a discovery in central England appears to prove what had previously been a "folk tale." 

Here's what you need to know to start your day.

Conduct under review

The Canadian Judicial Council says it is reviewing a complaint about the alleged conduct of a Supreme Court of Canada justice.

Cost certainty

The Bank of Canada is set to announce its interest rate decision this morning, with economists widely expecting the central bank to hold its key rate.

Advocate's trafficking tale

A woman first lured into a sex trafficking ring as a teenager is warning parents it can happen "right beneath your nose." 

'Matter resolved'

The Tragically Hip has responded to an online dispute over the use of its music, saying a venue that recently hosted Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre has a music licence and did not need "specific permissions" to play one of the band's songs.

Cognitive impairment

In a new Canadian study, researchers found that not only did participants who previously had COVID-19 perform worse on two specific cognitive tasks, but brain imaging showed that during these tasks, there was a lack of oxygen reaching the sections of the brain that would normally be fully engaged.


Alligator returned to Texas zoo 20 years after its alleged theft


'There's always been this folk tale': Roman shrine uncovered beneath graveyard in central England

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