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Oneida Air Systems logo - NEW Supercell with Rolling Stand. Don't miss out! Introductory pricing (photo of Portable Freestanding Supercell High-Pressure Dust Collector with Rolling Stand)
The Supercell's 10x higher suction pressure renders standard dust collectors obsolete - now available with compact rolling stand!
Need a 120V option? Dust Cobra - starting at $1399
Example accessories - Vacuum Hose Reel; Replacement Supercell filter; flex hose; standard ductwork
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Buy a SupercellV-SystemDust Gorilla Pro, or High Vacuum system and receive a $100 credit* towards additional items on your order!
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* Credit cannot be applied to Quick-Clamp Ductwork, motorized systems, or shipping fee. Promotion available for a limited time only.
High Pressure vs. Low Pressure Systems
Watch this non-profit replace their low-pressure system with the Supercell Turbo!
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Dust Collection Tip - Free Fan vs actual CFM ratings

"Free Fan" ratings are typically measured as either the fan blower's performance with nothing attached to it or, even worse, the theoretical maximum volume of air that can move through a specific pipe diameter. Therefore, we publish "Actual" CFM ratings for our dust collectors that reflect the real-world operating performance of the fan blower once the filter, cyclone, and flex hose (10ft) are attached. 

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