Opens Today: Cover Contest - ArtIDEAL Magazine

A new contest has just opened on our website and will only last 2 weeks.

Submit your artwork to be considered for the Front Cover, Back Cover or First Artist Presentation of ArtIDEAL Magazine, Issue 3.

Please continue reading for details:

About Art IDEAL Magazine
ArtIDEAL is a high-end magazine with an original and eye-catching look. We put our expertise in curating, art directing, designing and producing a publication that not only looks flawless in terms of design but which—most importantly, showcases remarkable content with fine artworks brought together from around the world in a unique curated collection. ArtIDEAL is distributed largely online and, like all our publications, is expected to reach thousands of readers. The magazine will be permanently on our website as well as, one of the most popular online publication platforms. We will promote the publication through email to our list of about 75,000 art professionals (galleries, curators, critics, buyers, collectors, decorators etc.) and we publicize on social media. We provide an easy way for each artist to add the entire magazine, as well as a link to order the print from their personal website. This contest is for the 3rd issue of ArtIDEAL Magazine.

About The Contest

Contest Deadline: May 31, 2023
Participation Cost: 20Euro per image entry

We invite visual artists working in all media that can be depicted on the printed page, to submit artwork for consideration.

Through this contest, three artists will be selected for publication on the cover presentations of the 3rd Issue of Art IDEAL magazine, which will be released June 2023.

1st Place Award - Front Cover Presentation

2nd Place Award - Back Cover Presentation

3rd Place Award - First Artist Presentation

50 Artists will receive Finalist Certificates, 50 Artists will receive Artistic Excellence Certificates. All other participating artists will receive a Participation Certificate (unique, named & signed) for their professional record.

How to Participate

Please visit our website to read all details about this contest. If you decide that this is the right project for you, prepare up to 10 images and click below to submit the form.

Image Size: Please note that the total of your uploaded images must not exceed 25MB or the form will not go through.

If you are not interested, do let me know so that I don't email you again about this project.

Anna from CIRCLE


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