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5 ways to update your skincare routine for the new season – and the products to know

Revamping our wardrobes, changing our go-to dishes and updating social calendars, we're officially transitioning to the new season. And autumn also provides the perfect time to switch up your beauty, from seasonal make-up looks to richer hair colours. But there's one part of your beauty routine that should not be overlooked: your skincare.

The arrival of the colder months brings various challenges to your skin. The temperature drops, while cold winds and artificial air from central heating can cause the skin to feel more sensitive and dry, with your complexion feeling dull as a result. That's exactly why dermatologists have already started winter-proofing their skin. Tp help you do the same, we've spoken to the experts to discover the skincare swaps to make and the products to use to uncover your best winter skin. 

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Updating your recipe repertoire for the new season? These hob-to-oven pans are perfect for comforting one pot meals 
John Lewis / £45
From risottos and pasta dishes to soups and stews, this versatile pot is sure to come in handy through autumn and beyond
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KAPKA / £35.99
You wouldn't believe that this pastel pink splatter enamel sauté pan is durable, heat-resilient and dishwasher-safe
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Dunelm / £38
No room in your kitchen cupboards? Thanks to its vibrant colour, we'd happily keep this three-litre dish out on display
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our place / £130
This 10-in-one pan comes in 10 colours and comes complete with a steam-release lid, beechwood spatula, steamer basket and colander
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habitat / £45
With the heatwave officially over, it's (almost) time to embrace slow and low cooked meals – making this casserole dish a seasonal must-have
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barbary and oak / £29.99
One look at this forest green cast iron frying pan and we're craving a chocolate chip skillet cookie (just us?)
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From elevated trainers to cowboy boots, 11 of the best new high street shoes

If you've been tentatively tiptoeing into your autumn wardrobe while trying to cover all weather eventualities (sun, showers and a chilly breeze are all currently in rotation), you may have held off from buying a new cashmere cardigan, jacket or knitted dress for fear of upsetting mother nature. But, there is one item that can be worn year round that will itch that autumn shopping scratch.

More so than other accessories, shoes are the pieces that you, the wearer, can actually see. And thus, they're an ideal purchase to revamp your autumn/winter wardrobe. Whether you're looking for the perfect pair of in-between weather shoes to wear for work, elevated trainers or comfortable heels to get you through evening work events, here's our pick of the best new styles on the high street…

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12 stylish butter dishes to brighten up your mornings
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9 card games to pack on your autumnal weekends away
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