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What if we told you the key to a lean, sexy stomach, toned legs, and defined arms is to move one inch at a time?
Sound too good to be true? Then we’ve got the slim-down solution of your dreams: barre — the ballet-inspired fitness breakthrough! Women everywhere are using this cutting-edge method to help them sculpt long, lean, and flexible bodies.
And now, you can do fat-blasting barre routines in your own living room with Prevention’s fitness DVD program, Flat Belly Barre!
Get fit, improve your posture, and feel energized!
When you follow along to quick, 30-minute Flat Belly Barre! routines, you’ll use techniques like tiny, one-inch pulses; easy-to-master isometric holds; and calorie-torching cardio moves. It’s simple, but be warned: You’ll feel your muscles working hard in those stubborn, hard-to-tone areas!
You don’t need punishing workouts or heavy weights to see results. In fact, Flat Belly Barre! creator and top barre instructor Suzanne Bowen designed these workouts to be a blast — and amazingly effective for every fitness level.
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