"Bed rotting" as self-care, but better

To rot or not to rot.
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"Bed rotting," a recent TikTok trend where people lie in bed *all day* in the name of self-care, has gained over 160 million views. As an introvert who loves to recharge at home, this sounds amazing. But according to experts, bed rotting can do a lot more harm than good (darn). Read about the potential side effects below.
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September 15, 2023 • 2.5 min read
Too much of a
what's got us buzzing
Too much of a "good" thing?
🛌 What is bed rotting? This trend is all about prolonged periods of bed rest that can last up to multiple days. Think: A few days of watching your favorite Netflix shows, eating yummy takeout, and scrolling on social media for hours, all from the comfort of bed. Sounds lovely, right? Not quite …

⚠️ ️Potential side effects. The occasional lazy day isn't the end of the world, but bed rotting is very different. Despite being touted as a form of self-care by people like you and me, health experts say it can harm your physical and mental health. For starters, it could actually contribute to depression –– or make depressive symptoms worse. Other risks include increased feelings of loneliness or anxiety, sleep disorders, muscle weakness, and blood circulation issues.

💚 Better ways to "do nothing." If you're dead set on rotting in bed, licensed professional counselor Helene D'Jay, MS, says 1–2 days of bed rest might be acceptable, if no other physical or psychological issues exist. Otherwise, consider trying *actual* self-care strategies like connecting with loved ones, moving your body, limiting social media use, and spending time in nature (grass rotting > bed rotting).
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