Canada investigating allegations India killed Sikh leader, missing F-35 crashes

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September 19, 2023


Canada accuses India of killing a B.C. Sikh leader, a missing U.S. F-35 was found and Sandie Rinaldo's most memorable interview moments. 

Here's what you need to know to start your day.

Nijjar killing

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has accused India of playing a role in the killing of a Canadian Sikh leader.

Missing jet

Officials find debris from F-35 fighter jet that crashed in South Carolina after pilot ejected.

United Nations

Heading for the UN, Ukraine's president is questioning why Russia still has a place there.

Fabled plane

Long-secret Canadian intelligence sealed the cancellation of the Avro Arrow, a new paper says.

Gaps growing

Transgender rights in Canada deeply divide voters, with a just-released study suggesting most still believe in only two genders.


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Sandie Rinaldo: My most jaw-dropping moments from notable interviews

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