Do You Shoot in Black and White?

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The Art of Monochrome
The Art of Monochrome
It's time to ditch color and embrace the world of black-and-white photography, where every shade of gray tells a story. Capture the raw emotions and mood like never before. From captivating silhouettes to mesmerizing reflections, black and white unveils the soul of your adventures. Say goodbye to worrying about colors and instead, focus on the magic of light. Embrace the golden hour's allure or dive into the enchanting dusk for stunning effects. In black and white, you'll delve into a new realm of texture, contrast, shape and pattern.
Top Tips For Shooting in Black and White
Timeless Travel Snaps
Timeless Travel Snaps
Whether exploring far-flung destinations or indulging in staycations, let the magic of black and white films like our Lady Grey ISO 400 and Earl Grey ISO 100 elevate your travel photography to new heights. With each click, immerse yourself in the nostalgia of classically analogue shots that stand the test of time. We've got you covered with our Monochrome Duet – a delightful package of one roll of each film, lovingly tucked into a cute little tin can for safekeeping. And that's not all! A surprise camera keychain comes along as a free treat!
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Changing Perspectives
Changing Perspectives
Prepare for an electrifying ride through the captivating streets of Tokyo, Japan, courtesy of the brilliant photographer, Kosuke! Loaded up with Lomography films including Earl Grey B&W ISO 100, he fearlessly embraces the urban jungle. With each click, Kosuke captures the city's essence, from vivid street signs to bustling pedestrian lanes with the monochrome charm lending a fresh perspective to the colorful streets. In this exclusive interview, we delve into some of his finest snapshots, allowing you to immerse yourself in the magic of Tokyo's streets.
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Changing Perspectives
Changing Perspectives
Changing Perspectives
We'd like to thank the following people for their photos: solinvictus, gocchin & au8uststory
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