Lifeword Newsletter - September 2023

Ministry Updates

We are excited about Lifeword Sunday 2023!

We hope your church is making plans to participate in celebrating the ministry of Lifeword on October 22nd. Team Lifeword leaders and pastors can register today at! You will also find the download to this year’s promo video, additional resources to help promote this special day, and a link to order t-shirts.

Lifeword Sunday t-shirts are available in adult and youth sizes. All proceeds go to Lifeword’s mission to share the love of Jesus around the world.

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“A home church in a different land is difficult, but we believe that it is the Lord who builds His church.” Remi Badru

Sometimes our efforts within the Kingdom of God look more like building a business than building a family. Building a business can be quick work, and there is no short supply of strategies to try. Building a family is different. It requires things like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness…It requires sacrificing time, money, and comfort, and it is something that becomes a part of our everyday lives.


After their baptism, new members enjoy fellowship.

Nduka Kingsley and Remi Badru know this well. Originally from Nigeria, both were attending a U.S. seminary when they sensed the call of God to give their lives to build His church. This calling took them to Houston, where for the past four years, they’ve been planting and growing a church there among the large population of Nigerians. 

Lifeword partners with the local church in Nigeria to make disciples of Jesus in one of the most dangerous places to be a disciple of Christ. Brother Joseph Eniowo and brother Dickson Daniel-Iji use media to preach in Yoruba and Idoma to quench the spiritual hunger for the truth of many souls in West Africa. Here in our own backyard, there are many Nigerians, primarily in Houston, that have yet to quench their thirst. They look for it in a job or money and need to hear about the hope found in the gospel.

Welcoming new families into the church after Sunday worship.

God has been faithfully leading Nduka and Remi since they moved to Houston. They currently have several families committed to the church. Two of their members were baptized just last week! They meet on Sundays, and because of difficulties with schedules, transportation, and location, their mid-week service is online. 

Remi baptizes new believer, Harmando 

Creating a strong presence online is another focus for them right now. Both pastors use their social media accounts to share about Christ and about their church through writing and sharing portions of their sermons. Lifeword is discussing various ways to use media to partner in helping in their church planting efforts. 

Organizing various community outreach efforts and spending time with church members regularly has allowed them to engage, care for, and invite people into their close Christ-centered community. Just as the African culture is family-centered, their goal for the church is not only to build their church, but to further the family of God. 

Please pray this church and for wisdom as Lifeword seeks to support and help their efforts in exploring even more online opportunities for growth.


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