Uh-oh. Coconut oil may not be so healthy after all.

Nutritionally, it may be doing the opposite of what it's claimed to do.
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New study hints that coconut oil can cause metabolic changes and obesity
Coconut oil has become massively popular in recent years. Devotees believe it's a super healthy fat for weight loss and brain health. It's also known to be great for skin and hair. But a new mouse study suggests it may throw metabolism out of whack.
Researchers fed mice coconut oil for 8 weeks in amounts comparable to a human consuming around 1.5 tablespoons daily. This disrupted hormones that manage hunger, burn fat, and regulate blood sugar. Coconut oil also put extra stress on the parts of cells that make proteins.
But we can't assume this happens in people too. Animals differ biologically from humans (of course). More human research is needed to find out whether coconut oil truly has these effects.
But if human trials yield similar findings, it could mean that coconut oil isn't as indisputably healthy as many hope.
For health-conscious folks, especially low carb advocates, moderation may be wise until we know more. Consider limiting coconut oil to 2 tablespoons or less per day as part of a balanced diet. Rely more on olive oil, avocado oil, or nut-based oils for cooking and dressings instead of just coconut oil. If you start your morning with a bulletproof coffee (which itself may not be a great idea), consider using unsalted grass-fed butter instead.
But you likely don't need to eliminate it completely — coconut oil remains popular for a reason. Our sister site Medical News Today recently published this article on the benefits and controversy surrounding coconut oil.
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