Your Body Deserves A Good Stretch

Stretching will make you feel all-over amazing — in just a few minutes a day!
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Ease Pain, Move Better & Feel Younger with Stretch Yourself Healthy!
What can 5 minutes of gentle stretching do for your body?
If you’ve ever taken an exercise class, then you’ve experienced both the “warm up” stretches used to get your muscles, tendons, and joints ready for action, and the “cool down” stretches used as a way to recover from the workout.
But did you know that stretching can also do ALL OF THIS?
Soothe chronic pain
Boost relaxation
Spark motivation
Improve balance
Promote sleep
Turbocharge energy
Minimize injury risk
Combat aging
With Prevention’s guide, Stretch Yourself Healthy, you’ll get a personalized stretching approach that’s a total-body, feel-good fix. Written by strength and conditioning specialist Dr. Rachel Tavel, PT, DPT, CSCS, you’ll learn both the science behind why stretching is so amazing for your body and how you can reap its benefits in a minimum amount of time.
What You'll Get:
Included in this 144-page guide, you’ll find:
50+ unique stretches: Learn how to pick the right ones for you with step-by-step descriptions and color photographs.
The 3 stretching mistakes to avoid: Sidestep these and save yourself pain, stiffness, even injury.
The 6 keys to staying limber & pain free for life: They’re not complicated, and these healthy little habits can prevent pain and stiffness in your everyday life.
The best foods to support joint health. Pssst. You probably already have them in your kitchen.
Tons of practical tips: Create easy routines that fit your living space and wellness goals. Find out exactly how long to hold a stretch, how to breathe, and how to heal those overstretched parts.
How to get the most out of stretching props: Straps, foam rollers, and yoga blocks can all enhance your stretching practice, and you’ll see how to use them the right way. (Though all the stretches can be done prop-free!)
A lay-flat, spiral binding to help you follow the stretches. The easy-to-navigate format enables you to jump between stretches without losing the page.
Stretch Yourself Healthy Guide Interior Image
No matter what your day-to-day activity looks like, stretching is
the simplest—and best—way
to ease pain, move better, and
feel younger.
Give yourself the
gift of the whole-body
rejuvenation you deserve.

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