Exclusive: Memo reveals Democratic plan to flip more State Houses in 2024

Plus: Why U.S. women live longer |

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The Midweek Catchup
Exclusive: Memo Reveals Democratic Plan to Flip More State Houses in 2024
By Mini Racker
Democrats plan to position state-level races as part of a national fight for abortion access and other freedoms.
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Is What’s Happening in Gaza a Genocide? Experts Weigh In  
By Solcyre Burga
Scholars are torn on whether the current conflict can be yet classified a genocide officially.
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Why U.S. Women Now Live Almost 6 Years Longer Than Men
By Jamie Ducharme
It's the largest gender-based life expectancy gap since 1996.
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Rebound Infections Occur in 20% of Paxlovid Users, According to New Research
By Alice Park
According to a new study, one in five people who take Paxlovid to treat COVID-19 end up having a rebound infection.
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What to Know About the Federal Investigation into Eric Adams' 2021 Campaign
By Solcyre Burga
Here's what to know about the investigation into Adams' 2021 campaign.
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Ukraine’s ‘Secret Weapon’ Against Russia Is a Controversial U.S. Tech Company
By Vera Bergengruen
The country has come to rely on Clearview AI for a range of wartime tasks, many of which have not been previously reported
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Column: How Eyeliner Became a Symbol of Iranian Identity
By Zahra Hankir
'The legacy of sormeh persists as a proud pillar of Iranian heritage,' writes Zahra Hankir.
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The Government’s Search for Aliens and Why They Probably Exist
By Olivia B. Waxman
An interview with Garrett Graff about his new book 'UFO: The Inside Story of the US Government's Search for Alien Life Here―and Out There.'
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Column: How Racism Affects the Mental Health of Black Youth
By Amanda Joy Calhoun
Mental health system is not equipped to address the critical impact racism has on Black youth, writes Amanda Calhoun.
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Nepal Bans TikTok and Tightens Control Over All Social Media Platforms
By Koh Ewe
Authorities say the ban is in response to public claims that TikTok encourages hate speech. Critics worry the move will stifle free speech.
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How The Marvels Put Together That Chaotic Cat Scene
By Moises Mendez II
The story behind The Marvel's pivotal moment in which dozens of man-eating kittens run around a spaceship.
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The Surprising Political Evolution of American Polyamory
By Christopher M. Gleason / Made by History
In the long history of American sexual dissent, the relationship between politics and sexual freedom defies simplistic categorization.
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