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So, you want to stop drinking –– or drink less often –– but you're having trouble getting started. Especially with the holiday season lurking around the bend, you may feel pressured to have a cocktail or two at an event when you'd really rather not.
You've come to the right place! Below, we explore why you might want to limit the beer and booze in the first place, plus offer tips for sticking with it.
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November 17, 2023 • 3 min read
Welcome to the world of sober curiosity
what's got us buzzing
Welcome to the world of sober curiosity
🍷 Convincing reasons to cut back. Alcohol negatively affects your body in many ways. Stopping for just 30 days can help repair liver damage, reduce heart disease risk, boost brain power, improve sleep, and a whole bunch of other perks.
But some of the most convincing evidence on the benefits of drinking less alcohol comes straight from folks with firsthand experience. The comments on our Instagram post below show there's no shortage of inspiration from people living a sober or semi-sober life!
Ready to drink less alcohol? Knowing your why is a great place to start (and return to when things get tough). To better understand your relationship with alcohol, consider asking yourself these questions or using them as journal prompts:
  • How have you noticed alcohol affecting your health and well-being?
  • How often do you drink? And how much?
  • What role does alcohol play in your life? What motivates you to drink?
  • What factors are driving you to want to cut back?
  • What's currently getting in your way of drinking less alcohol?
Next steps. If you're wanting to pursue a sober curious lifestyle, here's some actionable advice to keep in mind, both now and throughout your journey:
  • Change your environment. This could look like removing alcohol from your home, skipping happy hour work events, or going out for coffee with friends instead of drinks.
  • Try stress-reducing strategies. Do you lean on alcohol to chill out? Swap out the booze for exercising, getting a massage, reading, or practicing yoga.
  • Drink mocktails and nonalcoholic (NA) beverages. Plenty of delicious alcohol-free options exist for when you want a refreshing drink after work or at a friend's house.
  • Talk about it. Sharing your intentions with your loved ones can help them respect your decision and hold you accountable.
  • Seek support. If you're having a hard time or want to connect with others in a similar boat, you can join support groups, follow sober influencers, or speak with a therapist.
Great finds
Hey, NA rosé
Bring TÖST's zero-proof rosé to your next event for a booze-less celebration and hangover-free morning! This refreshing recipe has notes of white tea, ginger, elderberry, and other fruity flavors. It's so good it earned the title of "best nonalcoholic sparkling rosé" on Healthline's list of the top NA beverages. Add it to your mocktail of choice or drink it as a delicious alcohol-free wine alternative.
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Thanks for reading! Tomorrow is my birthday, so I'll be taking some time off to celebrate with my loved ones (and some yummy mocktails). Kenny and Ginger will be filling in for me in the meantime. See you in a while, crocodiles. 🥳
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