Is it OK to pee in the shower?

According to my mom, no.
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Personal question: Do you pee in the shower? I don't. Not because I don't want to, though. My mom always warned against it because she said it's unsanitary, so I grew up thinking it was off-limits. But as I got older, I've learned that so many people do it.
Have I been misled? Or is shower peeing as unhygienic as I was raised to believe? I did some research to find out, and now I'm sharing what I learned with you below.
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Morgan Mandriota
Newsletter Editor, Healthline
  Written by Morgan Mandriota
November 15, 2023 • 4 min read
The great shower peeing debate
what's got us buzzing
The great shower peeing debate
🚿 Peeing in the shower probably won't cause health issues. Your chance of getting an infection from this habit is pretty low, especially if you have healthy urine (i.e., free of infectious bacteria). Plus, opting for the shower drain can help conserve water and save you money on toilet paper and your utility bill! You just may want to clean your shower more frequently if you do.
😷 My mom was right, though –– urine isn't sterile! It can contain many types of bacteria, including different strains of staph and strep. (Shower curtains actually host the most germs in the entire bathroom, partly because of this very habit.)
Why you might want to stick to the toilet. Peeing with a high bacteria count (say, if you have a urinary tract infection) while you have open wounds can, technically, increase your risk of infection. You also might skip the shower whizz if you're managing an overactive bladder through bladder training.
🦠 But what if you share a shower? If you live with others, consider asking how they feel to make sure you're on the same page. Just because something is generally safe doesn't mean it won't gross someone else out. And avoid peeing in public showers out of courtesy, please!
Do with this information as you will. For now, I think I'll continue using the toilet.
💌 Chime in: How do you feel about peeing in the shower? Send us an email to share your thoughts! (Please note that we may feature your name and response in an upcoming edition.)
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