Lifeword Newsletter - November 2023

Ministry Updates

Please pray:

Join us in asking God to strengthen and equip the Pasley family to continue to seek the Lord’s guidance in France. Pray that they would have favor with the people there and that the gospel message would reach and affect many lives and families. 

Pray also for Lifeword team members Marco & Sandra Gaspar in Portugal who face similar challenges and for Bogdan and Daniela as they help minister to German speakers from Romanian initiatives in reaching Europeans.

Lifeword Sunday Update:

We want to extend a HUGE thank you to all who participated in Lifeword Sunday 2023! It has been an amazing time celebrating all God is doing to provide ways for us to make Jesus known around the world. We are currently sharing the gospel in 156 languages with a goal of 200! Lifeword Sunday donations will provide opportunities to increase our languages and therefore expand our reach across the globe.

You can still make donations for this

campaign at: or send contributions by check marked “Lifeword Sunday” to


P.O. Box 6

Conway, AR 72033

The deadline is

December 1, 2023.

P.O. Box 6

Conway, AR 72033

Pasley's Purpose and

Passion In France

Sharing the gospel almost always comes with difficulty. However, when God calls a person to share, whether with their family, a neighbor, or someone across the globe, He also gives them the strength and guidance to obey.  

Sean Pasley knows this well. God has not only called him and his family to share the gospel of Christ with the French, He has also led them to move and establish their family there, build relationships there, and begin a podcast there. Sharing Jesus Christ in France is their life’s purpose and passion.

This calling has caused a lot of learning, growing, and challenges. While Sean and his wife Kendall are constantly working to become better acclimated to the culture and language, his children have learned and embraced the language rather quickly. In a recent email, Sean shares, “Sometimes I have to look up a word or phrase they use because their French is already better than mine!” 

Along with learning the language, Sean is also learning more about French culture. This is where some of the difficulty lies. It is no surprise that French culture differs from American culture, however, one of the hardest parts of sharing the gospel in France has been an overwhelming apathy among French Christians to evangelism and church planting.

Sean prepares to share about Christ through His podcast.

“We've been challenged on our plans for church planting since ‘there aren't enough Christians to have more churches, so why bother?’” he says. He continues, “The strict, secularist laws of France also have had quite the negative impact on the theology of French Christians. Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to become members of 'religious associations,' so that means that by and large children are not evangelized, discipled, or baptized since they cannot officially be church members.”

One way they’ve shared the truth of Scripture is through their podcast, Saine Doctrine. However, they’ve encountered pushback about the title and content of the podcast, since many Christians there don't believe they should bother with tenets of the faith that would divide them from other Christians. The gospel is shared in each podcast, along with other subjects like Christology and the inerrancy of Scripture. These might sound like heady topics, but right thinking about these things will shape other beliefs about God. The podcast can also be used outside of France in French-speaking African countries where Christian teaching is sparse.

French Christians gather for their church service

as Sean and others help lead worship.

Along with the podcast, they have also found relational evangelism to be a key way to have spiritual conversations. Since the French see Americans as transient and superficial, they don't generally develop lasting friendships with them, but once convinced the Pasleys were settled in France, they opened up significantly. 

Sean concluded his email with, “One of our prayers for the ministry here is that it would span generations. We hope to see our four sons stay in France and become ministers of the gospel in their own right. From the very beginning we knew church planting in France would take us the rest of our lives, but now that we understand better the dire need in France, we pray every day that God would use our sons, along with others we disciple, here in France for His glory.”


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