Submit Artwork - CIRCLE Magazine Contest

Hello Karl,

I am emailing today to let you know that you can submit your artwork for our Circle Quarterly Art Review Magazine Contest.

Through this contest, 60 artists will be selected for publication in up to 6 pages and/or the Front and Back Covers. This contest will remain open for 3 weeks only.

If you are not interested please let me know, so I don't email you again about this project!

Please read below for all project details:

About The Magazine
Circle Quarterly Art Review is a premier art publication, with each issue providing a new and exciting chapter in the story of what art looks like today. The magazine is a review of current trends and original practices in fine art, examining all fields, including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, printmaking, digital art, ceramics, mixed media, new media, collage, etc.

With 10 back issues, Circle Quarterly is an established resource for art collectors and art professionals looking for new art. With a wide international distribution, the magazine has over 500,000 reads only on Issuu, and each new issue reaches our list of about 65,000 curators, galleries, collectors, publishers, etc. The magazine is also available in print and copies can be ordered in most countries.

Publication in this magazine adds significant value to an artist's resume and serves as a powerful avenue for gaining widespread exposure.

This is the 10th issue of the magazine and will be published in December 2023.

About The Contest

Contest Deadline is December 8, 2023
Participation Cost: 20Euro per image entry

Through this contest,

  • 60 Artists will be selected for publication in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 pages of the magazine
  • 1 Artist on the Front Cover
  • 1 Artist on the Back Cover
  • 60 more artists will be named Contest Finalists and receive unique, named and signed Finalist Certificates

Submit Your Art

Please visit the contest page on our website to see all contest details and submission guidelines. Prepare up to 10 images and click on the button below to submit your artwork and participate.

I am here for any questions you may have.

Wishes for a creative day ahead,
Anna from CIRCLE


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