This three-step haircare routine will transform damaged locks

These are the damage-repair hair products you need to invest in
Promising to rebuild the molecular structure of strands (it's a hair health miracle!), there's a reason why beauty insiders are buzzing about this range…

L'Oréal Professionnel currently has the beauty world in a spin with its all-new, coveted-by-pros Absolut Repair Molecular range.

It may all sound a little science-y, so allow us to explain: the Absolut Repair Molecular range rebuilds the hair's molecular structure* (ie, it's literally the most advanced way possible to reverse hair damage). 

Its revolutionary formula works to reinstate hair's original strength**, elasticity and movement***, deeply repairing damage and restoring your hair's wellness.

Offering deep penetration*, and instant transformation, we're entirely obsessed with this range – and for good reason.

Whether your hair feels permanently singed due to heat styling, is struggling after years of excessive colouring and chemical treatments, or just feels rather lifeless and dull, this is the range for you. Take a look at the new three-step at-home routine you need to shop, pronto… 

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1. The shampoo

Step 1 is the shampoo – the formula's luxurious texture turns into a rich foam that cleanses, detangles hair and delivers a high level of care.

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2. The rinse-off serum

Formulated with 2% peptides bonder and five amino acids, this powerhouse serum rebuilds hair's molecular structure* and restores original strength**.

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3. The leave-in mask

This luxurious hair mask is the perfect end to your three-step routine of dreams – it penetrates the hair fibre and restores hair's original elasticity and movement***.

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And if you fancy it, there's the option to treat your locks with a luxe pre-treatment in-salon before you embark on your new haircare routine.

Who doesn't love an excuse for a salon trip? The deeply penetrating pre-treatment**** tends to your locks in preparation for your new at-home regime. Find out more about Absolut Repair Molecular here.

*Instrumental test after 15 applications of Rinse-off Serum

**Instrumental test after 5 applications of Shampoo + Rinse-off Serum

***Consumer perception, 64 participants after use of Shampoo + Rinse-off Serum + Leave-in Mask

****Analytical test after application on damaged hair of Pre-treatment

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