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It's a tale as old as the Florida pines – the wild, untamed spirit of the Sunshine State, its vast open spaces, and the critters that call it home. And there's someone that knows this story well — the rancher.

We are proud to announce that Conservation Florida has teamed up with the Florida Cattlemen’s Association to shine light on the crucial role ranchers play in Florida conservation efforts.

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Now, we know what you may be thinking: "Conservation and cattle ranchin'"? Sounds like gators and golf carts. But we’re here with news!

Our friends at the Florida Cattlemen's Association are as passionate about preserving Florida's heritage as we are. With their boots in the field and their hearts in the right place, they're lending a hand to our conservation efforts. By grazing cattle responsibly on their lands, ranchers are acting as the unsung heroes of conservation, stewarding open spaces, and protecting native flora and fauna.

So, buckle up and join the ride — there are plenty of conservation tales to come. Together, we’ll make sure our Florida stays forever wild.

Follow @conservationflorida & the @flcattlemen on social media for the latest stories.

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